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Alice Bradley – Paediatric Dietitian

  – Alice Bradley – Qualifications: Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics with Honours Alice is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who has a passion for working with children and families to overcome their feeding difficulties. Her main interests include disordered eating, type 1 diabetes, gastrointestinal issues and promoting healthy eating environments and habits. Alice has been involved […]

Is it feeding tube dependency or oral aversion?

I often receive referrals from families who have been told their tube fed child has ‘oral aversion’. As discussed in an earlier blog, oral aversion refers to babies and children who do not want to put anything (or very limited things) in their mouth or sometimes even near their face.

What’s more important…..nutrition or enjoyable mealtimes??

What’s more important to you and your family – an enjoyable family mealtime or your child eating the balanced nutritional diet that is drummed into us? It’s a really hard question…..of course we strive for both as they are both so important. However what often happens in children who have restricted food choices is a) […]

Lynly Mader – Infant Mental Health Therapist

– Lynly Mader – Qualifications: BAppSc (Occupational Therapy) Diploma of Infant Mental Health Member of AAOT & WAIMH Lynly has over 30 years working with families experiencing multiple adversities. In this time she has worked both within Mental health and Paediatric settings, within inpatient, outpatient and community development programs. Lynly has taught at both at […]