In the current climate, there may be barriers to attending your child’s therapy session in the Centre for reasons such as being unwell or in quarantine. Would you like to avoid cancellation fees and keep the continuity of therapy going? Your child’s appointment can be carried out via telehealth. The prospect of an online session […]

Over the years I have met a number of parents who have told me that they are unsure if the way they introduced solids was the right way, or they were unsure if their child was ready, or that they had received conflicting advice about when and how to take this very exciting step into […]

Food is Sensory

Food can be one of the most sensory experiences a child has every day. All senses are being used in tandem. Take for example, eating a bowl of hot chips; you are first introduced to the aroma of the chips straight from the fryer, and see the colour of the chips and the bowl in […]