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During these challenging and stressful times, the last thing you want to be thinking about it is ‘what would happen if our specific brand of food is out of stock’, left wondering ‘what is my child going to eat if this happens’. Children can quite often become fixated on specific brands and packaging of food […]

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Many families I meet have found that the only way to tube feed their child so they don’t vomit is to feed them whilst they are asleep. Other families are put on a ‘prescription’ of 3 or 4 hourly tube feeds – even when their child is past the early months of life and therefore […]

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I often receive referrals from families who have been told their tube fed child has ‘oral aversion’. As discussed in an earlier blog, oral aversion refers to babies and children who do not want to put anything (or very limited things) in their mouth or sometimes even near their face.