Emma Wright

Bachelor of Social Work
Registered member of AASW & ANZASW

Emma is a registered social worker in both Australia (AASW) and New Zealand (ANZASW). She is very interested in attachment theory, children’s development, building trust through relationships and the influence that environment has on behaviour.

Emma has previously worked in care and protection in Christchurch working with children and young people within the family setting. She has worked with children to support them in meeting their individual goals as well as with families and parents to support, understand and address challenging behaviours within children and family units.

Following the move “across the ditch” Emma worked for Legacy Brisbane, planning and executing Legacy’s 2019 summer camp for 45 children who had lost a ADF serving parent. Emma believes in the importance of talking about shared experience, trauma and loss to normalise and name the emotions children and families struggle to process.

It is with this passion for supporting children and parents within their unique unit that she finds delight and brings her kind nature to supporting our Lively Families.