Kady Moraby

Senior Speech Pathologist

Lecturer in Speech Pathology at UniSA.

Kady brings 15 years of specialist Speech Pathology clinical experience to our Lively Eaters team. Since graduating from The University of Sydney, she has worked as a paediatric speech pathologist in both Sydney and Adelaide, with most of her career in Sydney. She moved back to Adelaide 4 years ago, previously working as the Team Leader of the Central Early Childhood and Families Service at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Kady has held various clinical and leadership roles and worked across tertiary teaching hospitals, as well as in the private and disability sector and schools. She recently moved into education and in addition to her role at Lively Eaters Kady works part-time as a Lecturer in Speech Pathology at UniSA.

Kady has extensive experience and has undergone formal credentialing and training in paediatric feeding. She has worked predominantly in tertiary hospital settings with both inpatients and outpatients and within various multidisciplinary and developmental care teams, in the assessment and management of feeding disorders in infants and children.

Kady’s clinical interests and specialties include working across a range of complex medical client groups and clinical areas and examining service delivery and planning to improve access and effectiveness of care for children and their families.

Kady is a passionate project manager for the SuCCEED Child Feeding Alliance (Supporting Children with Complex Feeding Difficulties Study); a unique collaboration between researchers, families and clinicians who are passionate about helping children with feeding difficulties and their families (www.childfeeding.org).

Kady has contributed to the teaching, supervision, and clinical practice advancement within speech pathology teams as well as multidisciplinary clinics and services through her clinical roles. She has a real passion and commitment to teaching and education in the areas of paediatric feeding and children with complex needs. She has completed research and conference presentations in the field of paediatric feeding as part of her involvement in the SuCCEED Child Feeding Alliance.

Kady’s love of supporting families to achieve functional and enjoyable mealtimes through informed goal setting is a gift to the Lively Eaters families and therapists alike.