Larissa Ashton

– Larissa Ashton –
Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Flinders University)
Member of Speech Pathology Australia (PSR)

Larissa has worked as a speech pathologist with children and families around the world since graduating from Flinders University in 2006. This has included regional South Australia, Adelaide, Perth, around the United Kingdom and in the Philippines. Larissa has gained valuable knowledge working with children with mealtime challenges in a variety of settings including in hospitals, community clinics, schools, childcare centres and in homes.

She enjoys working with babies, children and teenagers with a range of challenges including developmental delays, neurological conditions, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability and a history of trauma. Her skills have been enhanced by her completion of many paediatric feeding courses such as SOS Approach to Feeding and Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility. When she worked at Perth Children’s Hospital, Larissa worked with children with Traumatic Brain Injury, neurological and other medical conditions, conducting Video fluroscopy Swallow Studies as part of her role.

Larissa is responsive to children’s needs, endeavouring to improve their ability to safely enjoy a wider variety of food and drink. She works closely with families to address their goals and values a team approach to achieve the best outcomes for children. Larissa has worked with children from many different cultures and religions, and is sensitively to the values and beliefs of families. As a parent, Larissa appreciates the enjoyment that shared mealtimes can bring to a family.

While working at Lively Eaters, Larissa also works part-time with adolescents and teenagers with a background of trauma, complex and challenging behaviour, mental health and communication disorders. Being patient, persistent and compassionate are key qualities she demonstrates working with these young people.

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