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‘Lively Eaters’ is a private allied health practice which assists children and their families who are experiencing feeding and eating difficulties from birth through the early school and teenage years. We have a family focused clinic in Adelaide however we also work with children Australia wide as well as International families.

What Do We Do?

Underlying our practice is the philosophy that feeding an infant/child is one of a parent’s most important jobs and a central component of the parent-infant/child relationship. Feeding/eating is so much more than ‘putting food in the mouth, chewing and swallowing’ and there are many physical, medical and emotional aspects to consider.

Children are highly sensitive to their environment and the development of a successful “feeding partnership” can be adversely affected by many different factors in the child and/or parents. The Lively Eaters team provides multi-disciplinary team assessment and therapy services for a wide range of infant, children and adolescent feeding difficulties. We strive to bring together all of the components which we know to impact successful and functional eating – relational, emotional, sensory, motor, behavioural and medical – and work together with families to better understand the impact of these within their family unit and how to move ‘forward’.

How we can help

  • Weaning difficulties
  • Babies who are having difficulty attaching for breast feeding
  • Babies (term or premature) with poorly coordinated sucking abilities
  • Infants with faltering growth (poor weight gain)
  • Babies and infants coughing and ‘choking’ on milk feeds (breast or bottle)
  • Children gagging on lumps
  • Children vomiting on food
  • Infants refusing any foods with lumps or those that require chewing (ie. only tolerating smooth puree)
  • Toddlers experiencing weight loss due to inefficient feeding
  • Behavioural challenges related to food and eating (toddlers to teens)
  • Fussy and picky eaters (toddlers to teens)
  • Children with oral sensory defensiveness and oral aversions (toddlers to teens)
  • Transitioning from tube feeds to oral feeds (tube weaning)
  • Babies and children with medical, physical or neurological conditions affecting their feeding (eg. Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, specific genetic conditions)

Do any of the above apply within your family?

If so, Lively Eaters would be happy to assist whether you live locally, interstate or internationally.

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