Paediatric Dietitian – Nutrition Dietary Consultation

Our Paediatric Dietitians provide a range of nutrition support and feeding therapy both in the clinic, via Teletherapy and through the Lively Eaters intensive feeding program.  If you have concerns with your child’s diet, allergies, tube feeding, nutritional status or growth you may benefit from an initial consult with one of our Paediatric Dietitians.

For enterally/tube fed children, our Dietitians are highly attuned to the complications and difficulties that are often experienced by tube fed children.  We work towards making tube feeding as functional, practical and successful as it can be, including the use of blenderised diets. Our Paediatric Dietitians can support families to introduce ‘real food’ via the PEG in whatever capacity families can manage – whether it be one meal/day or a full transition from formula to food. This process is one which requires regular follow up and support to ensure gut tolerance, nutritional adequacy and sustained growth.

Our Paediatric Dietitians play a very important role in the journey for children from tube to oral feeding.  They are actively involved in all steps of the process from pre-wean, during the intensive weaning program and post-wean to ensure nutritional and growth goals are achievable and realistic.

For many of our Challenging Eaters it is valuable to have a full diet analysis to determine if/where nutritional deficits may be.  Our Lively Eaters Dietitians can recommend the best supplements to ‘fill the gap’ (if required) or give you piece of mind that your child’s diet – although somewhat limited – is nutritionally complete.  The Lively Eaters Paediatric Dietitians provide invaluable advice to our team of experienced Feeding Therapists on your child’s specific nutrition goals to target within Feeding Therapy. They also provide Feeding Therapy to children who benefit from learning and understanding ‘why’ their bodies require certain foods and nutrients, targetting ‘goal foods’ in a hands-on way with the children in the kitchen.

Should you be concerned about your child’s eating patterns, growth and/or variety of foods accepted and wish to book a consult, please contact the clinic directly on (08) 7226 6395.