‘Venture Out’ Intensive Feeding Therapy Program

The Lively Eaters Venture Out Intensive Feeding therapy program is designed to help children with restrictive eating behaviours learn to ‘venture out’ – outside of their comfort zone, outside of their food choices and outside of the environments they are used to eating in. It also supports parents and siblings to learn to ‘venture out’ as well – because we know that often the family mealtime experience is impacted by a selective eater and parents can become scared to upset what’s working for their child, even if it’s not working for their family. It is for these reasons that this is a residential feeding program.

The program is an intensive, individualised and holistic approach to mealtime behaviours, expectations, family dynamics and factors which are impacting a child’s ability to progress with their eating and drinking.  Each intensive feeding program is developed individually and specifically for your child and your family as we respect that your family unit is unique and feeding therapy can not be a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

The Feeding Therapists involved in the intensive feeding program are highly skilled at observing, interpreting and understanding how a child responds to food and mealtimes, how the family respond to these behaviours and how together this impacts on the mealtime dynamic. Through our intensive residential program these challenges are addressed with the family, without the everyday pressures of school, appointments, work and all other factors which make mealtimes more challenging.

Our Venture Out program operates either at your family home (local families) or rented accommodation in Adelaide (interstate families). Our highly experienced Feeding Therapists (Dietitians, Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists) and Infant Mental Health therapist support your family throughout the week long program.

Children must attend for an initial assessment (either via Teletherapy or in clinic) before consideration into this program will be made. Typically children whose mealtime behaviours and food acceptance has ‘plateaued’ or for whom there are many influential environmental factors, benefit greatly from this intensive and highly supported approach.

For further information about this program please contact Lively Eaters on (08) 7226 6395 or via the Contact Us page.