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Feeding Therapists have the unique opportunity to not only support the development and health of children but also improve the well being and connection of the family. This takes a special Therapist who understands that working on mealtime challenges is not a ‘discipline specific subject taught at Uni’ but a complex interaction of skill, motivation, relationships, health and behaviour.

At Lively Eaters we are first and foremost Feeding Therapists – each therapsit however brings with them a specfic area of training and interest whether that be OT, Speech Pathology, Mental Health or Dietetics.

At our Centre we thrive on providing a holistic approach to mealtimes, rather than following a ‘set program’ . This means families may be working with a range of our therapists at differing times as their needs change.

If you are a passionate Feeding Therapist or an Allied Health Therapist who has passion for all things food, family and function (but not yet experience with Feeding Therapy) we would love to hear from you.  We are a family owed, family friendly and flexible employer.

Please contact us via our Contact page or else phone the Centre on (08) 7226 6395 for a confidential discussion with Emily Lively.


Early/Mid Career Feeding Therapist – Occupational Therapist

Senior Mental Health Therapist – Occupational Therapist / Social Worker