Intensive Tube Weaning Program

Utilising the ‘Lively Approach’  this innovative program is the only private research based program of its kind in Australia. Weaning children from naso-gastric or PEG feeding is carried out within our intensive inter-disciplinary therapy program which operates at The Memorial Hospital (North Adelaide).   Our experienced therapy and medical team provide an individualised, holistic approach to tube weaning children Australia wide and internationally – all within a medically monitored and extremely well supported environment.

Lively Eaters Speech Pathologists, Dietitians, Occupational Therapists, Parent-Child therapist and Paediatrician are experienced at addressing the many issues and concerns which arise around the mealtime environment and a child’s behavioural response to learning to eat orally.  The intensive week is one component of the weaning journey which often takes place over many months prior and post the inpatient component.

We strongly encourage all family members to be active participants during the weaning process.  The duration of the in-patient stay will be negotiated for each individual child dependent on their needs and all families are followed up to ensure ongoing success with oral eating and drinking.  Children must be deemed suitable for this service by Emily Lively following an initial assessment and responses to therapy sessions.

Families from overseas, interstate and regional South Australia are warmly welcomed to access this service.  To obtain further information about the program please contact the clinic directly on (08) 7226 6395.