Feeding Therapy Groups

These vibrant Feeding Therapy groups utilise children and adolescent’s individual sensory and food preferences to develop, create and cook recipes chosen by our Feeding Therapy team to target sensory, oral, social and nutritional goals. Facilitated by the Lively Eaters Paediatric Occupational Therapists, Paediatric Speech Pathologists and/or Paediatric Dietitian, a range of sensory, exploration and hands-on strategies are incorporated into our exciting cooking groups.

Working together with other children who experience the same challenges our brave Food Explorers continue to surprise both Feeding Therapists and parents alike when they are keen to engage with new foods in a variety of ways.

Each group is run for specific age ranges to target mealtime and independent eating skills appropriate to their developmental level. This may be pre-schoolers learning to sit in a circle, manage their lunchbox and explore unfamiliar foods in readiness for kindy. It may be primary school children cutting/grating/peeling foods in preparation for baking/cooking. It may be adolescents and young adults learning to read and follow a recipe, new food combinations and flavours, strategies for navigating social events, eating out at cafes and safety and functionality in the kitchen.

Please speak with your Lively Eaters Feeding Therapist or contact Reception to determine whether our group programs would be beneficial for your child.