– Hannah Caon –
BAppSc (Speech Pathology)
Member Speech Pathology Australia

Hannah has over 10 years of experience working with children both as an Early Childhood Educator and Speech Pathologist. She has a passion for collaborating with families to achieve the best outcomes for children. Hannah has always been passionate about supporting children to achieve their potential, celebrating and building upon their strengths. 

Hannah understands the importance of positive experiences with food and the challenges the family can be presented with at mealtimes. She finds reward in learning from her clients and their families and supporting the family unit as a whole. Hannah values her ability to build authentic, trusting relationships with children and families of diverse backgrounds.

Hannah has worked with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, speech and communication disorders, intellectual disabilities and developmental delays. She is trained in Key Word Sign and PODD and is committed to ongoing professional development related to feeding and sensory processing.


Alice Bradley

– Alice Bradley –
Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics with Honours

Alice is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who has a passion for working with children and families to overcome their feeding difficulties. Her main interests include disordered eating, type 1 diabetes, gastrointestinal issues and promoting healthy eating environments and habits. Alice has been involved in childhood nutrition research through both Flinders University and the University of South Australia.
Alice worked in Adelaide’s northern suburbs and as a research dietitian before moving overseas to explore new challenges. Whilst living in England, Alice worked in a community eating disorder service and values the input from multiple health professionals when helping clients achieve their goals. She uses a holistic approach to explore feeding difficulties and plan targets which are realistic for children and their families.
Outside of work Alice is involved in team sport and enjoys baking and exploring new recipes. In 2020 she is conducting further study to explore how eating and mental health are intertwined.

– Emily Lively –
BAppSc (Speech Pathology)
Member Speech Pathology Australia (PSR)
PhD Candidate (Flinders University)

Emily has worked within paediatric inpatient, outpatient and community speech pathology since 2000. Over the last 17 years she has specialised in infant and paediatric feeding difficulties, working at both hospital and clinic settings in country South Australia, the United Kingdom and metropolitan Adelaide. Prior to establishing Lively Eaters, Emily commenced in her own paediatric private practice in 2005 and provided assessment and therapy for general speech and langauge delays and disorders, Autism and Asperger assessments, children with complex medical and development disorders and feeding difficulties.  Until the end of 2012, Emily concurrently held the position of Senior Paediatric Speech Pathologist at Flinders Medical Centre responsible for feeding services in the Neonate unit, paediatric ward, paediatric out patient clinic, Child Assessment Team and cleft palate clinic. Her passion for assisting children with feeding difficulties led to the development of a private clinic in 2010 specialising solely in this area.

Emily’s experience includes extensive work within multi-disciplinary teams focusing on child development. She is currently enrolled in her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD – Flinders University, SA), researching within paediatric feeding and enteral tube weaning.  She has lectured and been a tutor to the Bachelor of Speech Pathology degree at Flinders University (Adelaide, South Australia).  Emily has been involved in writing problem based tutorials and lecturing at the University of Queensland.  She has undertaken additional training in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Sensory Processing difficulties (including oral sensory defensiveness), paediatric videofluoroscopy (swallow study), infants in the Neonate Intensive Care Unit and Special Care Baby Unit, cleft palate/lip and specific feeding interventions. For 3 years she worked for and built up a private clinic in London for children with Down Syndrome (feeding and communication assessment and therapy). Emily provides training workshops and has presented at International conferences including ASCIA, ASMR and Speech Pathology Australia.

Emily believes feeding on its own cannot be assessed or addressed without looking at the complex interaction between environment, behaviour, medical, sensory and developmental skill. She prides herself on an holistic assessment process (including liaison with other professionals working with the child) that considers all of these factors to ensure the best possible outcomes for successful feeding in the family setting.  Emily continues to be motivated, excited and amazed by the outstanding intervention outcomes achieved in both the Lively Eaters clinic and our unique Lively Eaters intensive feeding program.  The children, babies and families continue to teach her so much.

Emily’s work has been published in the esteemed Journal of Paediatric Gastroenterolgy and Nutrition and Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition:

Variables Impacting the Time Taken to Wean Children From Enteral Tube Feeding to Oral Intake
    Emily J. Lively, Sue McAllister, and Sebastian H. Doeltgen (2019)

Characterising International Approaches to Weaning Children from Tube Feeding: A Scoping Review Read more